Introduction of Blue Sapphire 

Blue sapphire, known as Neelam Stone in Hindi, is a highly precious, revered, and powerful blue gemstone with a rich and diversified history. Every culture symbolized the stone with a divine presence. Old Persian lore considered it to be balancing Earth and reflecting the blue hue, which gave the sky its color; Greeks wore it to receive guidance; royalty wore it as a symbol of elitism.  

The stone is known for bringing the fastest results for the wearer and is credited for fame and abundance. 

Meaning and Properties of Blue Sapphire

Belonging to the Corundum family of minerals, the powers of blue sapphire have been a topic of great scholars worldwide. Its divine blue color is due to the presence of Titanium and Iron. The modern-day meaning of blue sapphire is integrity, psychic awareness, and wisdom. 

Neelam stone benefits the throat chakra, which results in healthier communications and improved communication, and also has a positive influence on the third eye chakra, which directly relates to your connection with the supreme power and is considered a valuable stone for those looking towards spiritual growth. The Neelam stone prices are highest for Kashmiri and Sri Lankan varieties. 

This blue-colored gemstone is considered a birthstone for people born in September and is the ruler of mighty Saturn. Saturn is one of those planets that can bestow you with misery or massive abundance based on its placement, and blue sapphire can tame its negative influence to bring wealth and fortune your way. 

However, the blue sapphire stone is not for everyone and, if not worn with a professional astrologer’s guidance, can wreak havoc. Therefore, the stone chooses you rather than the other way around. 

Benefits of Blue Sapphire 

Sapphire is a gemstone that benefits almost every area of life if it suits the wearer. Some key advantages of the stone are as follows: 



1. Ancient and medieval sages across cultures saw the stone as a protector and guide and wore it as a talisman.    

2. It clears the mind and enables the wearer to improve focus and concentration. 

3. It bestows wisdom and knowledge to make better decisions. 

4. Feng Shui suggests keeping the stone in a meditation corner to distinguish the space from the rest of the house. 

5. It activates the third eye chakra, which improves psychic capabilities, and brings balance to the body. 

6. Neelam Stone is a savior for people reeling under the ill effects of Saturn’s saade sati and prevents harm to the wearer. 


1. Neelam is popularly called “The stone for abundance” because of its ability to make a person financially affluent. 

2. It allows a person to be present among the right people at the right time and creates money-making opportunities

3. It breaks professional deadlock and delays of no promotion at work and unemployment by creating multiple sources of steady and reliable income. 


1. Neelam stone benefits those struggling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 

2. Many Reiki healers allow them to channel their higher healing powers. 

3. It also improves metabolism and helps in maintaining a healthy gut. 

4. It keeps a check on the well-being of sensory organs. 

5. The mental ease allows a person to sleep better and is therefore beneficial for insomniacs. 

6. It checks on bone health and helps to recover from joint pain and arthritis.  


Love and Relationships

1. Blue sapphire adorns many engagement rings, the most famous being Lady Diana Spencer’s ring gifted by Prince and now His Highness Charles. 

2. It is considered a lucky stone to wish a couple celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary as a symbol of prosperity and inner beauty. 

3. It embodies loyalty and sincerity, both of which are crucial for relationships. 

4. A malefic Saturn influence can bring trouble to the relationships in the form of unfaithfulness, jealousy, and trust deficit. Neelam stone allows the wearer to change this position and restore healthy boundaries and positivity in a relationship. 

5. It reduces conflict in partners and promotes permanence and better commitment. 

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Value of Blue Sapphire 

The Blue Sapphire prices depend on color, clarity, cut, origin, and carat. An inclusion-free, saturated blue-colored Sapphire is rare and is highly valuable in markets. The Blue Sapphire prices usually start from Rs. 2000 per carat and go to a lakh and more, depending on quality. 


The wide-ranging beliefs about blue sapphire are a testimony to the power it possesses. Wearing an untreated and high-quality blue gemstone can weave your life in a way that gives you happiness and satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does Blue Sapphire attract? 

Ans - Sapphire is known for bringing material and spiritual abundance and a steady inflow of wealth and peace to the wearer. 

Q - How do I know if my Blue Sapphire is working? 

Ans - Wear the stone for 72 hours and observe changes in your mental and physical state of being. If the stone chooses you, there won’t be any destructive thoughts, and you might receive some good financial news. If you experience unexplainable headaches or dreadful dreams, it indicates the stone isn’t the right fit for you. 

Q - How much does a Neelam cost? 

Ans - The Neelam stone price starts from Rs.2000 per carat and rises with quality.